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Music hall

 Victorian music hall
This outfit is inspired by Victoriana and Steampunk. It was created for a Victorian Music Hall themed wedding. it is made out of cream/black striped cotton and is embellished with cream lace, different metal buttons and guinea fowl feathers.



Inspired by Game of Thrones costumes I have designed this men's coat with faux leather jerkin for the King Goblin's Masquerade Ball. The undercoat is made of cotton curtain material, the jerkin is brown faux leather with a faux fur drape.

Woodland rebel

Winter woodland rebel
These are variations of a design for a women's outfit for The King Goblin's Masquerade Ball- Royals and Rebels. A rebel fighter ho lives in the winterish woodlands of the King Goblin realm, a hunter and scavenger. The top is made of heavy black cotton, circular sleeves supported with canvas, sleeve extensions and drapings black gauze. Embellishments
black crow and cock feathers, crow skulls and bones.
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