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Private Commissions

Project| 01

 Project| 01   Elizabethan Doublet
An interpretation of an early 17th century men's doublet made out of black leather with red silk lining.

Project | 02

Project | 02 Elizabethan Robato

This is an interpretation of an Elizabethan robato. The structure is constructed out of millinery wire and  wrapped with bias binding. I salvaged the lace from a torn Victorian dolman and stitched it carefully on to a layer of black netting. The panels of the robato are shaped to accommodate the original shape and design of the Victorian lace.

Project | 03 Elizabethan Men>s Suit

Project | 03 Elizabethan MEn's suit

I love the film Orlando and Sandy Powell's fantastic costumes . I made a black ruff last year and was wondering what to wear with it. Then I remembered Tilda Swinton's outfit  as Orlando. I did not want to copy the design 100 % but is similar with some parts of it closer to the historic period. Almost everything is sewn by hand as the fabric did not like machining very much. See for yourselves !

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